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. I am flexible with the number of hours you wish me to work. Prices are set according to the number of contracted hours per week (hours are accrued for siblings). 

  Fee for pre-school and babies
 Fee for school children
 From 60 hours per week (i.e. 20h each for 3 siblings)



 From 45 hours per week (i.e. 15 hours for 3 siblings)



From 30 hours per week (i.e. 15 h each for 2 children)

£ 5.50


For a minimum of 20 hours per week

£ 6.00

From 15 hours per week £6.50 £5.50

 For more than 8 hours per week

Pay-as-you-go or emergency childcare in social hours

£ 8.00

Unsocial hours (after 17:30, before 8:00 and weekend, Bank Holidays and weekends if part of ongoing contract)


Please look here for sibling discount and other discount including green discount if you don't have (or use) a car.

Once we have agreed your days and time I will draw a contract and ask to be paid in advance, if you fail to pay I withhold childcare, I resume childcare once you have been paid. (I can't guaranty the "unpaid place" will be kept as the place has to be paid in full to keep the place)

What does the cost includes?

The price for Club petit déjeuner and goûter includes food and drinks. School run for St Roberts RC School or St John Fischer SportsCamps at no extra cost, it's part of the service and the learning of French continues on the road.

What help parents get towards the cost of childcare?

The DirectGov website provides lots of advice on claiming for support with childcare costs. The following information was taken from their website.

  • Help for Working Parents
The maximum for the basic element of Working Tax Credit is £1,960 a year, while there is a lone parent element of £2,010. Childcare tax credits will cover 70% of childcare. The most that can be paid for a registered provider for one child is £122.50 a week and £210 a week if you have more than one child in childcare.
  • Help from Employers & Voucher Schemes 
           Save between £624 and £933 per year with Childcare voucher.

I take 4 weeks holidays per year (including training days). Usually 7 days in summer, 3 days at Christmas, 3 days after Easter and 3 days spread trough-out the year.

Bank Holidays

I am happy to work bank holidays provided I am paid the "Unsocial hour" rate.

Overtime, pay-as-you-go childcare or emergency childcare

 If you wish to have hours outside contracted hours you need to - ask in writing (email or text) and pay for it as soon as I have confirmed.

If you are unable to comply with settling-in procedure I may request you to pay the "emergency" childcare fee for the first day and Funded Children will have the 2 first days a bit shorter.

Early booking

If you book childcare more than 1 month in advance please pay £60 per month retention fee.

Contactez moi pour profiter de tarifs préférentiels de 10% pour abonnement Bayard, Milan Jeunesse.