Homestay Guardianship

We welcome students from all over the world who come to the UK to study in secondary schools, language schools and work experience, on both short and long term basis. (Exeat weekends and long breaks such as Easter and the Summer and we can also host longer term for students attending day schools or doing an Internship in Harrogate).

I can host a maximum of 2 students at one time and they are in separate single bedrooms. Beds are made up, towels and laundry provided.

You can look for more information on homestay website.

My role as a host family:

    • To provide the student with suitable accommodation inclusive of meals during time mutually agreed ( weekends (exeats), half term and occasionally some school holidays)
    • To integrate the student into my family and involve them in familial activities
    • To attend necessary school functions (e.g.: parent's evening)
    • To collect the student from their school or a location confirmed by the student and/or the student's school or the parent.
    • To teach students about British and French language culture and customs

All students have different needs and the aforementioned are just some examples. We aim to be flexible for the student so please let us know in advance what you are your expectations.

For more mature student needing independence we may be able to find independent accommodation in shared houses nearby or serviced Accommodation.

If you are interested please contact me and get 10% on Airbnb prices).

South facing bed room
Le petit déjeuner français chez Marie