Project: Waste & Resource Managment

Project: Procurement of Waste Contracts

Client: Oxfordshire County Council

The project involved the procurement of a number of key waste contracts for a major County Council which is responsible for waste disposal for over 635,000 residents:

  • Procurement of Household Waste Recycling Centre Management contract
  • Procurement of an Interim Waste Disposal/Treatment contract
  • Procurement of a Closed Landfill Monitoring and Aftercare contract

The initial step involved the development of a work plan for the relevant Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) Officers in order to ensure the procurement deadlines were met and the contracts signed on time. Procurement / contract documents were prepared for the contracts under OJEU restricted procedure, including Pre-Qualification Questionnaires (PQQ), contract specifications and schedules. The OJEU open procedure was used for the Closed Landfill contract.

A robust bid evaluation process was developed including a sensitivity tested Evaluation Framework, which gave transparent criteria for evaluation of bids. Responses to clarifications were prepared and bidder interviews undertaken along with OCC Officers to provide an independent view. The project also required drafting relevant reports for presentation to OCC Cabinet Members.

''Rachel is very competent and keeps projects on time and moving when Officers are getting distracted by day to day operations''

Rebecca Harwood,

Service Delivery Manager, OCC