Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001) support

''Rachel made a significant contribution to our EMS development and deployment (to ISO 14001). She also proved herself as an on-time deliverer of high quality deliverables! We hope that Rachel will be available to work with us again''

Dr G Bestall, Tullow Oil PLC

Tullow Oil PLC

What did the client want to achieve?

Tullow Oil in Ghana wanted additional expert support for its time limited staff to help push the company through its ISO 14001 certification and ensure its environmental risks are managed and mitigated. They wanted the comfort of being able to hand over work to competent people and get the ISO 14001 certificate in place.

What did we do to help the client?

We were able to look at the key documents that the ISO 14001 assessors would need to review and check they were up to date, relevant and met the requirements. This included identification of environmental aspects and environmental impacts to inform an Aspects Register - a fundamental documents for ISO 14001 .

Through site visits to the offices and operational areas and structured meetings with staff from all departments, we were able to fully understand the impacts on the environment and how they can be controlled. For example we undertook a detailed examination of the wastes produced and developed a plan on how best to manage them. We developed practical Objectives and Targets and worked with the in-house EHS team to develop an approach to monitoring progress against the targets.

Necessary EMS documentation and tools were developed to support that already generated by the EHS Team.

What was the result?

Tullow Ghana was certified ISO14001 compliant as a result. Since then additional support has been given when required to 'top up' the work done by the in-house EHS team.