Waste & Resource Management

Sound waste management means maximising economic returns from resources and reducing environmental impacts through adopting sustainable management practices. Sustainable waste management is important for both the public and private sectors. The benefits of making some simple changes to your waste management practices include:

  • Reduced raw material costs
  • Reduced waste disposal costs
  • Opportunities for additional income through sale of recycling / recyclable materials
  • Reduced environmental and social impacts of waste disposal
  • Improved public image
  • Organised, clean and safe work environment for staff

GreenBlue Consulting offers experience in developing and implementing projects which lead to practical waste management solutions, considering resource use reduction and lowering negative environmental effects as well as increasing positive benefits through good management. Services offered include:

  • Waste audits and assessments to identify waste and recyclables streams
  • Waste strategies and management plans
  • Recommendations on alternative disposal, treatment and recycling options
  • Life-cycle analysis using WRATE modelling
  • Support with submissions for packaging waste regulations

Rachel has worked in the waste sector since 1998. Her work has included conducting over 50 waste audits in relation to Packaging Waste Regulations for the Environment Agency, hazardous waste management, providing services to support public sector municipal waste strategies and waste service procurement and private sector waste reviews which contribute to saving money and resources.

Signature Projects:

Management of Waste Service Contract Procurement for Oxfordshire County Council