Municipal waste management strategy development

Through taking time to understand exactly what restrictions the municipalities were operating in and why, it meant we were able to offer clear appropriate solutions, explain the reasons behind them and how they could fit with the local situation.

The Municipalities of Jessore and Narayanganj, Bangladesh

What did the client want to achieve?

Via the consultancy Hifab International and through ADB funding, the municipalities wanted clear options for its waste management in order to meet their specific criteria.

What did we do to help the client?

Engaged as a solid waste management specialist we developed a long list of waste technology option profiles . This included technologies based on recycling and segregation, biological treatment, thermal treatment and final disposal. The relative merits of each was assessed in terms of how it met the specific criteria for the municipalities which emphasised a small footprint. Criteria including the suitability to the waste sources, technology track record and costs were also considered.

We assessed the technology options against the criteria to develop and short list and prioritised recommendations for consideration by the municipalities.

What was the result?

Through working with local waste experts in Bangladesh and understanding the clear priorities of the municipalites a practical strategy for managing the wastes generated was developed however the final decision is left up to the municipalities.