Monitoring & Evaluation Training

This practical course has been delivered with consistently good feedback for several years. It is continuously updated and tailored to the types of participants who will attend on the day - this flexibility contributes to the positive response to the course

Practical training for Public Administration International and Capita PLC

What did the client want to achieve?

A short training event showing practical approaches to M&E to complement a more theoretical two week course designed for improved public sector management.

What did we do to help the client?

Development and delivery of a training course designed specifically for senior local government officers from a range of African, Asian and European countries. The underlying principles of the course are that it should be interactive, participatory and practical; the participants should leave knowing how they can apply what they have learned to their actual role.

Crucially the training includes real examples of mistakes in M&E as well as successes, in the knowledge that learning from mistakes, preferably other people’s, is beneficial. The case study approach to training fits well with a theory and academic based course, meaning participants have a fuller understanding of the theory and practice of M&E.

What was the result?

We have been delivering this course successfully since 2009, each time ensuring it is up to date, which has resulted in many satisfied participants providing a positive response both in the training room and on the feedback forms.