Environmental Assessment Training for Government

''Ms Wildblood added valuable environmental expertise to our team. Local stakeholders were specifically satisfied with her training and capacity building activities.''

Team Leader, Fichtner Water & Transportation

The Government of Myanmar

What did the client want to achieve?

The Government of Myanmar is relatively new to collaborating with donor on development projects. Asian Development Bank therefore required our project team to deliver clear and simple training on environmental assessment and what this means in practice for the Government.

What did we do to help the client?

Engaged as part of a consulting project team, we broke down the key parts of the environmental assessment process into simple steps and clearly set out the role of the Government in each step. It included the roles of other organisation such as consultants and how the Government could contribute to meeting the environmental requirements of an ADB project.

It was delivered in the capital city and was attended by staff from the Ministries of Construction, Energy and Environment & Conservation. The course included interactive sessions with ample opportunity for questions and answers and was designed to be integrated with other specialist training on social assessments and resettlement.

What was the result?

The event received positive feedback and the participants were actively in engaged in what is to them, a new area of work which at the outset can be daunting. The training event resulted in the Government participants having a better understanding of the implications of donor projects in terms of environmental protection, management and monitoring.