Research & Guidance Writing

GreenBlue Consulting is able to offer support to companies and research bodies with research projects, and the public and private sector with development of clear guidance manuals for a range of waste and environmental issues. We are able to provide:

  • Succinct and up to date research
  • Information from a wide range of sources using extensive networks
  • Simple summaries providing clear and concise information
  • Clear practical guidance tailored to your requirements

Rachel has worked for both domestic and international organisations developing manuals on environmental management (for international development projects) and guidance on waste management (Envirowise and Environment Agency).

Rachel has a track record in undertaking and managing research projects. In the UK and overseas, Rachel has been involved with detailed research on a variety of waste and environmental related projects. In particular, Canadian clients have benefited from Rachel’s UK based research which has provided clear case studies on good practice. Rachel has acted as Project Manager on a number of major studies for the UK’s Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) and worked for international clients requesting research on UK markets for waste and recycling.

Signature Projects:

Market Analysis of Municipal Waste in Greater London for Hanjer PVT

Wood Waste Management Capacity and Treatment Research for Metro Vancouver