Environmental Risk Management for ADB project in Vietnam

Working with the team in Vietnam we were able to deliver events to raise the residents' environmental and social safeguards awareness and ensure they know what impacts the project may have and how they can be managed

Asian Development Bank and the Local Government in Vietnam

What did the client want to achieve?

The local Government has a duty to ensure that the project follows ADB's Environmental Safeguards and manages environmental and social risk during construction of new roads, river embankments.

What did we do to help the client?

Fulfilling the role of International Environmental Safeguard Specialist as the part of the Project Management and Implementation Team responsible for delivering the project, we were responsible for identifying potential environmental impacts during the Detailed Engineering Design phase, then integrate the design and impacts into the project environmental safeguard documents. Mitigation measures to reduce impacts to acceptable levels were identified and developed into a comprehensive Environmental Management Plan (EMP) . The EMP helps the contractor to implement the mitigation measures and helps the Government to monitor the project's environmental performance.

What was the result?

ADB approved the final environmental safeguard documents. We were able to train contractors and Government staff to work independently and we were able to identify and correct unplanned issues.