The Laurette Evelyn Quartet

Tommy Loose

Nick Corney & the Buzz Rats

Irene Rae

Bare Bones Acoustic

Ricky Worraker & Andy Hughes

The Lateisha Maria Band

Cubans & Cognac

Keith Lucky

Angela Jones

False Hearts

Signature Music Festival Youth Music Showcase

Natasha Richardson

Thomas Dunleavy

Eva Rose

Jessica Davis

The Boatmen

The Settlers

Graham Cleaver

Oakleas Rise


February 2019 Read about the bands

James Edmonds




James Morgan


It Comes in Waves

November 2018 Read about the bands

Joshua Francis

Oh Brother!

The Stringlers

Bernard Hoskin

Flashback Photograph

Sophie Frear

September 2018 Read about the bands

Claudio Devito

Cubans & Cognac

Charity Stow

Pembroke Tenneson

Jess Orestano

The Tom Wright Band

Damian Clark

24 Carat Jazz



Steve Gibbs (Boatmen)

David Bailey (Boatmen)

Jenny Eva

Jenny Eva


Holly Jean

Andy Speechley

Resonate Trio

The Lincolnshire Poachers

Andy Hughes

Jess Davis

Oakleas Rise

May 2017 Read about the bands

Peterborough Music Festival

Corinne Quinn

Gianni Salonna

Sophie Stedman

Chloe Lorentzen & Ryan Champion

Bernard Hoskin

The Fyzz Wallis Band

CJ Hatt

Oh Brother!

Tara Pasveer

Blue Amber (Graham Cleaver & John Bilboa)

Stacey Lowth


February 2017 Read about the bands

Keith Luckey

Irene Rae & Stuart Dixon

the following:

November 2016 Read about the bands

Dave Smith & Patty Vetta

2steps 4words VIDEO

A Lighter Shade of Blues

October 2016 Read about the bands

Resonate (Robin Brisley, Ewan Crowhurst, Marcel Pleasance)

David Bailey The Lincolnshire Poachers

September 2016 Read about the bands

Pictures by Megan Hurl, an A-level photography student from New College, Stamford


Rocket from Eden

Pics by Paul


Rocket from Eden Nick Corney

Nick Corney and the Buzz Rats

March 2016 Read about the bands

Satya Dub Orchestra

John Bilboa Becky & Helen Becky

Laurette Evelyn & Chris Watson

February 2016 Read about the bands


Abi Miller Jess Davis Thomas Dunleavy Sam Holmes

Holly and The Boatmen


Bad Monkey at Glasshouse Acoustic
Bad Monkey at Glasshouse Acoustic

Bad Monkey

Robin Brisley at Glasshouse Acoustic

Peter Ravenhall

Robin Brisley

Peter Ravenhill at Glasshouse Acoustic
Oakleas Rise at Glasshouse Acoustic

Dan Poole

Oakleas Rise (Lesley Curtis & Stuart Mcleod)

East Angles Brass Band

The Waterboatmen David Pleasance

Ria Woods



Crossing the Tracks

Oakleas Rise

Rocket from Eden

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