28th May 2017: Peterborough Music Festival (Chloe Lorentzen, Corinne Quinn, Gianni Salonna, Sophie Stedman) / Bernard Hoskin / Fyzz Wallis Band

We are delighted to link up again with the young stars of the Peterborough Music Festival. Thanks to Adam Lester for co-ordinating this.

Chloe Lorentzen - singer

Chloe was the overall winner of this year’s Peterborough Music Festival’s New Youth Music Showcase event, winning a studio recording experience at Breve Music in Peterborough. She has already written a number of songs that are album worthy and has made some important contacts within the music industry. Chloe is currently rehearsing for Annie at the Stamford Corn Exchange which runs from May 31st to June 4th.


At the Glasshouse, Chloe will be accompanied by guitarist Ryan Champion.

Corinne Quinn - singer & pianist

Corinne has been playing the piano for 6 years and is currently working towards her grade 6. She is aspiring to be a professional songwriter and hopes to study composition at the guildhall school of music and drama when she finishes sixth form. She has written a number of original compositions and has been credited by professionals with having a unique voice and a modern style of music writing.

Bernard Hoskin

Bernard Hoskin is a songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist from Cambridge whose distinctive and original sound is based upon English songwriting and world music rhythms as well as the more common folk, country and blues styles. An experienced performer, he accompanies himself on 6 and 12 string guitars and mandolin playing a mixture of original and traditional songs and covers.

He has opened up for many of the big names of the folk scene including Bert Jansch, Martin Carthy, Harvey Andrews, John Renbourn and Jacqui

McShee, Clive Gregson, Isaac Guillory, Andy Irvine, Phil Beer, Colvin Quarmby, Johnny Dickinson, Pete Atkin, June Tabor and the Oysterband, Dougie MacLean, Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker, Megson, Gigspanner, Henry Priestman, Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar, Carrivick Sisters, O'Hooley &

Todow, Lucy Ward and the Amy Wadge Band.

He has produced eleven CDs and a Rock and Reel magazine review wrote of “his fine tradition of crafting accessible, mellow acoustic folk with

occasionally well-placed African pop flavours ...reminiscent of the work of Ralph McTell, Paul Heaton, Johnny Clegg and the later work of Paul



The Fyzz Wallis Band

"Been there, done that, got the t-shirt, lost the t-shirt..."

Songs by Fyzz Wallis, are a story-telling, wise-cracking take on the lives women lead and the battles they fight with plenty of real life experience thrown in.

"Writing songs is how I make sense of the world around me, and I love to sing them. Recently I’ve realised other people might like that too."

A lifelong music lover and self-proclaimed ‘total show-off’, Fyzz played in a number of original punk and electronica bands in her teens and 20s, before taking a baby break from performing, but never stopped singing. Her friends persuaded her to perform again via the local open mic scene, and she found that her unique songs, including the cheeky ’App Song’, were in demand, leading her to record and perform as a solo artist more often in recent years, bringing out ‘Room’, her first solo collection of songs in 2014.

"I get asked to play the App Song all the time - it’s great when people sing it back to me"

Now joined by Zoe Spencer (bass) and Chris Ballard (drums) the Fyzz Wallis Band features a mainly stripped-down, assertive rock sound.

The influence of blues, punk and roots music continue to be apparent in new songs recorded by the Fyzz Wallis Band, as they were on the ‘Living Bravely’ solo EP released early in 2016, compared with the electronica of Fyzz’s debut solo album ‘Room’.


At the Glasshouse, the Fyzz Wallis Band will consist of Fyzz and Zoe.

Gianni Salonna - guitarist

Gianni is sixteen and has been playing guitar since the age of ten. A familiar face on the Cambridge blues and jam scene and now becoming known in his home town of Peterborough. Gianni plays a variety of styles, covers and originals in his own way characterised by melodic riffs and captivating solos. Last year Gianni was shortlisted by Sky Arts for their Guitar Star television series and shows great promise.

Sophie Stedman - singer & guitarist

Sophie is currently in her first year of Sixth Form, and whilst she didn't select Music as a subject, playing and singing takes up a lot of her time as a hobby. She was given her first guitar 3 years ago, and since then has self-taught herself to play her favourite songs - and over time she has found her own unique style. She also self-taught herself the Ukulele and Piano, so she now uses all three instruments to write her own songs. Music never seemed like a full-time future to Sophie, so instead she has used it to write songs and express herself. However, she has had the opportunity to perform bi-annually with her theatre class shows, plus also has taken part in the Peterborough Music Festival twice now.