Glasshouse Acoustic Sessions are monthly live music events for new and established musicians and bands in the Peterborough area that play predominantly acoustic instruments.

The Sessions take place on selected Sunday afternoons between 2.00 and 5.30pm at Peterborough's Key Theatre, in the delightful 1st floor Riverside Bar area (or sometimes in the ground floor restaurant). They are easily accessible*, relaxed, family-friendly and free. And air-conditioned!

Hungry? Check out The Chalkboard , downstairs in the restaurant area.

* access to the Riverside Bar is via stairs or a lift; if you need to use the lift, we'd recommend calling the theatre on 01733 207239 beforehand, just in case it's not working.

Forthcoming Sessions

- 29th September: Rogue State Circus / Thomas Dunleavy / Lauren April / Jess Orestano

- 20th October: Crayon Angels / Stacey Lowth / Neil Cousin and the Julia Sounds / Chloe Lorentzen

- 10th November: Megan Vaughan Parry / The Secret Magpies / Kill Me Kate


- 26th January: Bob Renton

- 23rd February: John Mosedale

- 29th March

Past Glasshouse Acoustic Sessions

Glasshouse Acoustic Sessions have been running at the Key Theatre since the 1970s, and are currently co-ordinated by Paul Biggins and Charlotte Purser, with support from Vivacity, Peterborough Culture and Leisure.

If you're a musician or band in the Peterborough area, play predominantly acoustic music, and would like to be considered for a performance slot at the Glasshouse, please email us.

(Please note - these are not open mic events; for open acoustic music events in the area, please check here)