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The Interim Room
Acoustic Sessions created to support unsigned artists reach the world.
The Interim Room has landed! Created by musicians, for the rest of the world to enjoy. As musicians we meet some amazing people and have the pleasure of enjoying and performing alongside some other awesome musicians too, many of which are under appreciated and sit in the shadows. So we created "The Interim Room" sessions, to showcase some of the musicians we have met and continue to meet on our journey. From watching them play in local pubs, to nationwide competitions. We find artists that we think the world needs to hear and broadcast them all over the world. So please, sit back and enjoy what's to come.

Every Monday between 7pm and 9pm, PCRFM hosts "Peterborough's Most Wanted", featuring a live performance by an artist or band that may well have appeared, or will be appearing, at the Glasshouse.
And on Thursdays between 7pm and 9pm, the Doc Mason Radio Show also features live music and conversation from local artists - turn on, tune in, chill out...

Peterborough Music Festival  14th-18th March 2017
Five days of competitive music classes, culminating in the New Youth Music Showcase on Friday 17th March and the Final Concert including the Peterborough Young Musician of the Year contest on Saturday 18th March.
For full details and to enter a class, visit peterboroughmusicfestival.org.uk
The following participants were featured in the Glasshouse Acoustic Session on 28th May: 
Chloe Lorentzen (with Ryan Champion), Sophie Stedman, Corinne Quinn and Gianni Salonna