26th March: Blu Amber / Stacey Lowth / Paspatou

Blu Amber

Blu Amber are an acoustic guitar duo playing a mixture of songs, mainly 60's and 70's favourites, together with some classic blues numbers.

Both accomplished guitarists in their own right, Graham Cleaver and John Bilboa met whilst playing on the Peterborough open mic circuit.

They soon discovered that they enjoyed the same type of music and playing together, so in May 2016 Blu Amber was born.

Blu Amber continue to play regularly at local venues and open mic nights. They also appeared at last year's Whittlesey festival.

Rolling Stones, Beatles and Kinks classics figure prominently in their set together with songs by Steely Dan, David Bowie, Crosby Stills and Nash, and blues legend Robert Johnson to name but a few.

Stacey Lowth

I have been singing ever since I can remember. I begged my choir master to let me in the church choir at 5 but had to wait patiently until I was 9. I have sang in many bands which was thoroughly enjoyable.

I now sing in Peterborough Take Note Choir, run an open mic night at the Ploughman and run the Peterborough Beer Festival Open mic.

Music brings people together.



PASPATOU are a 5-piece folk-world ensemble based in Stamford, Lincs. Their mission statement is to "transport the listener on a musical journey around the globe". Think Womad festival in a nutshell. To this end they cover many styles: Celtic, Balkan, Scandiwegian, French, Cuban, Indian, Mongolian, Ethiopian, Malian, as well as forays into Klezmer, Reggae, Minimalism, Jazz and Classical genres. Some of the material is based on traditional tunes, extensively arranged, whereas the rest is generated by the band (from their own minds) in the style of...

The instrumentation is also suitably eclectic. Expect to encounter (at least): flutes, sax, violin, cello, piano, keyboard, acoustic guitar, mandola, two basses, djembe, and hybrid drum kit. And some vocalisations. And home-made wind items.

The players: Graham Dale - wind, piano, vocals: Jay Goldmark - guitar, bass 1, percussion: Graham Starkie - mandola, bass 2: Miriam Forbes - violin, vocals: Jo Hitchin - cello