23rd October: David Bailey / Resonate / The Lincolnshire Poachers

Please note that Frankie C and Tristan Diego Hall didn't play due to illness, but were replaced by David Bailey

The Lincolnshire Poachers

Offering an eclectic mix of traditional English folksong, songs of work and the common man, their influences include such legends as The Wilson Family and Kimbers Men. Their take on the songs they choose to share is distinctive; the harmonies sublime. They have supported international acts such as Miranda Sykes and Rex Preston and are currently working towards their debut album. However, it is the subject of much debate as to whether their oft-irreverent banter is the act, with musical interludes. Either way, The Lincolnshire Poachers have something to offer everyone. They may even throw in the odd surprise!



Resonate have played guitar since forever. They were friends first before coming together 4 months ago to form an acoustic duo, playing instantly recognisable songs, in a softer and easy listening style, to intimate

audiences and having fun along the way.