1st July 2018 Doghouse / Steve Gibbs / Jenny Eva


The half-baked idea that is Doghouse was formed in Peterborough 10 years ago from locally sourced ingredients, and utilises the simple but effective 3 piece guitar/bass/drum line up to deliver an upbeat mix of rock and pop from all eras.

Reputable gentleman by day and #middleagedsuperheroes by night, we have played local pubs, clubs, weddings, beer festivals and all kinds of events over that time: appeared on local radio sessions and even school assemblies. No gig too big, no hall too small!

We've always had an acoustic section in our shows, and gigs like The Glasshouse allow us to expand that and show that "acoustic" doesn't have to be slow and mournful songs; although they have their place this is not our style.

Our song choice rules are simple: not too many fussy chords and a singalong chorus. The kind of songs that you would turn up loud if they came on the radio driving home from work - from early rock and roll to Britpop and onwards to current chart pop rock, - think classics from Oasis, Stereophonics, The Who, Paulo Nutini, James, The Fratellis and the like.

Our live set is bouncy, jangly and crunchy by turns, our friendly, open style is not always note perfect but always with a grin and a bit of audience participation: style over substance, keyword: "Entertainment."


Steve Gibbs

I've been playing guitar since I was 8 years old, and writing songs since my early teens.

My songs are about what it means to me to be human.

I try and make an emotional connection with the listener - you'll not find 100 notes per second in my playing. I want each note I play to earn its keep - it has to be there for a reason.

My approach to writing lyrics is the same - every word must need to be there, and I won't use 20 when 1 will do.

I play a mixture of instrumentals and self-penned songs, with the very occasional cover version thrown in.

I'm of the opinion that recordings and live performances are different artistic mediums, so, if I think a song would benefit from it, I will use techniques and add layers to recordings that I couldn't dream of doing live.

When I'm not performing as a solo artist, I'm also lead guitarist with the Boatmen (and Holly & the Boatmen when Holly joins us!) and in a duo called Two Lucky Pluckers.



Jenny Eva

"a Brighton-based singer-songwriter with an indie-folk vibe. she has soft, dreamy and often melancholic vocals that tunes perfectly with her melodical guitar playing" - Smashed Vinyl

I'm Jenny. I'm a singer-songwriter based in Brighton. I mix jazz vocals with glittery synth guitar to make moody tunes on Spotify and Soundcloud. If you like Mazzy Star, Billie Holiday, Tame Impala and Wolf Alice then you might like my music.