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2011 Results


First year of the ultra!  (I foolishly tried to have a 30M and a 50k at the same time so the results are all messed up!)

Thank you very much to all of our runners and volunteers for joining us, and we hope to see you again next year!
100 Miles    
1)Justin Contois21:34:00  
2)Jeff Lane27:12:00  
75 Miles    
1)Laura Bleakley16:50:00First Female 
60 Miles    
1)Michelle Roy13:15:00Second Female 
2)Steven Latour17:33:00  
45 Miles    
1)Patrick Houde9:23:00First International Racer! 
40 Miles    
1)Greg EsbittUnknownPacer for Jeff Lane 
50k Resultsiffyat best for 50k/30M 
1)David Boudreau4:30:30  
2)Keith Bourassa4:38:00Tied for second place 
 Chris Casey4:38:00Tied for second place 
4)Peter Barrie5:05:31  
5)David Huss5:27:00  
6)Norm Sheppard5:28:00  
7)Jason Bridgeo6:04:00  
8)Jennifer Treacy6:20:11Third overall female 
9)Ben Kissam7:00:00  
30 Miles    
1)Mark Swistak4:29:00  
15 Miles    
1)Pete Schrader2:08:00  
2)Eric Sherman2:47:00  
3)Lisa Woods3:09:00Ran 16.6 miles 
15 Miler
125John Paul Lewicke1:38:09 
250B.J. Bottomly1:40:24 
328Joseph Mellim1:46:06 
446Michael Wright1:48:40 
520Daniel Hrobak1:49:38 
649Bill Nawn1:53:09 
716Jeffrey Hargreaves1:56:20 
848Tom Kolb1:58:29 
911Peter Floss1:59:20 
1037Larry Smith1:59:32 
1134Derrick Roux2:00:45 
1251Dale Kandoll2:00:48 
1335Mariah Siegmann2:01:06First Female
1436Don Slovenkai2:01:21 
1521James Kallfelz2:01:31 
1632James Piper2:01:32 
1739Christopher Thompson2:01:36 
183Joe Brenner2:02:30 
1958Alyss Lombardi2:04:51Second Female
2057Anthony Lombardi2:05:12 
2124John Lewicke2:08:08 
224Simon Brown2:09:43 
2360Jack Danhof2:10:28 
2412Mark Gillies2:10:50 
2526Chrisopher Libbey2:13:29 
2656Eirethe Santiago2:15:48Third Female
276Marc Dicomes2:17:02 
2859Lisa Lombardi2:17:28 
299Jennifer Fields2:18:58 
3014Patrick Haigis2:18:58 
3122Rick King2:20:39 
3255Jen Barker2:23:12 
3362Ken Herringdine2:23:15 
3431Jodie O'Malley2:24:28 
3533Jeff Richardson2:27:43 
3641Tara Vetrone2:28:44 
378Suzette Fegan2:29:37 
3853Shane Vetrano2:32:30 
3923Steven Kool2:33:15 
4054Emily Trespas2:33:53 
4147Dels Miglioie2:42:12 
4217Jennifer Helsel2:42:37 
435Katie Dicomes2:42:40 
442Michael Bailey2:46:21 
4543Clifton Ward2:51:04 
4640Newell Tolman2:53:30 
4752James Rochelle2:53:31 
4810Paul Fiori2:53:50 
497Claudia Dufresne2:59:30 
5661Kathy Cartier2:59:31 
5038Emily Strong3:03:14 
5130Deborah O'Leary3:11:45 
5245Ed West3:12:52 
5344Joe Wellington3:17:27 
5419Jamie Howard3:21:19 
5529Judith Nicholson3:29:39 
5715Katy HamiltonFinished