02 Get Organised

It is vital that you start your revision well in advance. It is also important that you spend the right amount of time for each of your subjects. This does not necessarily mean spending the same amount on each subject. You may need to spend more time on the subject you are weakest in.

Each week, try to arrange the subjects you are revising in such a way that you spend about 45 minutes to 1 hour at any one time on any one subject. Remember to build in at least 5 minutes rest time between study sessions.

Try to make your week interesting by revising several different subjects each day and by making sure that revision slots in each subject are not too far apart and are evenly spread in the week

At the start of each revision session, allow 5 minutes to go back over the stuff you revised in that subject at the last revision session.

In order to help you arrange your revision, a blank 3 week planner is provided via the link below. Print it out and fill in your subjects.

Click here to see 4 different types of blank revision timetables.