Level 6 (Grade D) Topic List

Level 6 - Grade D



Shapes and Space

Data Handling





Fractions – add/take

Nth term of a linear sequence in words and algebra

Names of quadrilaterals

Probability of 1 event inc P(A) notation

Converting between fractions, decimals, %

Number machines and expressions

Angle properties of quadrilaterals

P(not A) = 1 – P(A)

Rounding decimals to given no of dp

Constructing tables of values

Parallel lines (C, F and Z angles)

Combinations of events using lists/tables

A as a % of B

Plotting graphs from table of values

Area of circle

Scatter diagrams

% increase/decrease

Graphs of y = n and x = n

Circumference of circle

Correlation (strength, +ve, -ve)

Calculating ratios

Graphs y = mx + c

Drawing 3D shapes in 2D inc plans and elev

Calculating angles for pie charts

Decimals in order of size

Trial and Improvement

Volume of cuboid

Drawing pie charts by calculating angles

A as fraction of B

Solving equations - x on both sides (in brackets)

Areas of compound rectangular shapes

Experimental Probability

Negative numbers - times/divide


Enlarge shapes using +ve integer scale factor

Continuous data (inc grouping)

Using primes factors to find HCF and LCM

Writing equations

Enlargement – centre of - graphical

Probability using relative frequency

time/divide by 0.1, 0.001 etc

Plot graphs of real life situations

Nets – harder, inc surface area

Collect and record continuous data

Inverse proportion questions

mid point of line using coordinates

Ext angles of polygon = 360

Draw histogram with equal intervals

Reciprocals of fractions and simple decimals

Calculate gradient = diff y/diff x

Angle facts of regular polygons

double stem and leaf diagrams

Powers of negative numbers

Sketching Quadratics

Reflections and Rotations on axes (inc y=mx+c)

Finding Q1 and Q3 from a list of numbers

Square and cube roots

Gradients of parallel lines

Combinations of transformations

Mean from frequency table

Powers of 10

Solving simultaneous equations graphically

Scale Drawing

Expected frequency (probability)



Angles of Elevation/Depression

Possibility space diagrams



Tesselations - angle properties








Rotation - centre of - graphical




Surface area of cubes/cuboids




Changing metric units of volume




Translations - vectors - graphical




Volume of compound cuboids




Area of parallelogram