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Grade A Topic List

Grade A



Shapes and Space

Data Handling





Powers including use of calculator

Making x the subject

Congruent Shapes

Probability  - OR and AND

Roots including use of calculator


Similar Shapes (2D and 3D including ratios)

Probability – tree diagrams

Standard Form  - calculations (inc use of calc.)

Laws of indices inc fractional & -ve and zero

Arcs, sectors & segments

Methods of sampling data

Upper and Lower Bounds

Proportion - direct/inverse, inc squares and roots.

Volume of cone, sphere


Limits of accuracy

Solving Quadratics by formula

Area of triangle = absinx/2


Rational/Irrational numbers

Sine rule (inc ambig case)

Surface area of Cone, Sphere, Pyramid


Recurring decimals to fractions

Cosine rule

Sine Rule



Solve graphical solutions by adding straight lines

Cosine Rule



Function Notation