Level 5 (Grade E) Topic List

Level 5 - Grade E



Shapes and Space

Data Handling






Expanding brackets eq n(a+b)

Names of triangles

Median - Harder

Time/divide whole numbers and decimals by 10, 100, 1000 etc

Coordinates in 4 quadrants

Angle properties of triangles

Mean - Harder

Fraction of

Make algebraic formulae

Use of protractor (draw/measure)

Comp using Mean, Median, Mode, Range

% of – calc and non calc methods

Solving equations – x on one side (inc brackets)

Angles at a point and on a line inc vert opp.

Pie charts (harder angles) - interpret

Long division (3 digits by 2 digits)

Use algebraic formulae

Area of rectangle

Discrete data (inc grouping)

Long Multiplication (3 digits by 2 digits)

Collecting terms

Rotations and Order of Rotation

Experimental probability

Negative numbers – add/take

Use formulae in words

Metric System (inc. 1000ml = 1litre etc)

Probability of 1 event = P(A) - harder

Negative numbers – order of size

Substitution into simple expressions

Lines of symmetry of 2D shapes

simple single stem and leaf diagrams

Number line and use of <>=etc

Drawing line graphs

Metric equivalemts of common imperial units

Tables - reading, interpreting and calculating


Drawing conversion graphs

Estimating distances


Cancel Fractions


Area of triangle


Equivalent Fractions


Tesselation - testing (angles + to 360)


Fractions in order of size


Understand/recognise basic 2D congruence


Ratio (simplify, unitary method)


Change metric units of area


Triangular Numbers


Change volume to capacity


Check answer by inverse operation




Direct proportion - simple arithmetic examples




Time/diviide decimals to 2 dp




Fraction of using calculator




Powers with numbers < 10




Decimals - times by 2 digit number




Decimals - divide by 2 digit number




Counting decimal places




Converting top heavy fractions to mixed numbers