Level 8 (Grade B) Topic List

Level 8 - Grade B



Shapes and Space

Data Handling





Powers including use of calculator (negative, fractional)

Factorising quadratics

Congruent Shapes

Probability  - OR and AND

Roots including use of calculator (fractional)

Difference of 2 squares

Congruent triangles (SSS, SAS, ASA, RHS)

Probability – tree diagrams

Powers of 10

Solving Quadratics by factorising


Cumlative Frequency Tables

Write big and small numbers in Standard Form

Solving Quadratics graphically

Dimension theory (length, area, volume)

Cumulative Frequency curve

Repeated % change (compund interest etc)

Algebraic Fractions (inc canceling factors)

3D geometry (Pythagoras and SOHCAHTOA)

      use to find Q1, Q2, Q3, IQR

surds inc rationalising

Solving equations with alg. Fractions

Vectors - proving simple geometric problems

Box and Whisker

Rounding numbers and decimals to any number of sig figs

Solving several inequalities + plotting region

Planes of symmetry


Original value in % change

parallel and perpendicular gradients



Original value in fractional change

Make x the subject (easy questions)




Substitute fractions and -ve numbers