Level 7 (Grade C) Topic List

Level 7 - Grade C



Shapes and Space

Data Handling





Counting sig figs

Solving linear inequalities (inc number lines)

Areas of triangles and quadrilaterals

Moving averages

Rounding numbers and decimals to 1 sig fig

Solving simultaneous equations algebraically

Volume of prism

Grouped data (mean, median, mode, range)

Estimation by rounding to 1 sig fig

Expand & simplify multiple brackets eg (x+n)(x+m)

Surface are of a prism

Write a hypothesis and find a way of testing it

Fractions – times/divide

Nth term of quadratic sequence

Compound measures eg speed, density

Draw frequency polygons

Decimals - times/divide with and without calculator

Factorising (simple - ie non quadratic)

Pythagoras in 2D applications

Line of best fit

Confident use of calculator

Making x the subject (x appears once)

Pythagoras - length of line given end pt coords

Relative frequency as measure of probability

Fraction and % change with & without calculator

Calculate gradient and intercept (y=mx+c)

Circle theorems

Finding Q1 and Q3 from grouped data.

Use powers and roots (inc surds)

Dist/time and vel/time graphs

Cyclic Quadrilaterals


Fractions - times/divide

Dividing a line in a given ratio (coords)

Enlargement – fractional scale factors


Standard Form - positive powers (simple)

Making x the subject (x appears twice)

Enlargement – negative scale factors



Sketching families of graphs

Enlargement - similarity



Laws of indices (times/divide/power)




Plotting and sketching simple quadratics

Vectors - sum, difference, resultant



Curved graphs - construct table of values

Similar Shapes to calculate lengths



Curved graphs - draw from table of values

Constructions using compass and ruler



Curved graphs - recognise (quad, cube, recip)

Vectors - sum, difference, resultant




Compound areas