Level 4 Topic List

Level 4 - Grade F



Shapes and Space

Data Handling




Times Tables up to 10

No Sequences using differences

Read accurately from a ruler and other scales

Tally Charts (inc grouped discrete data)

Whole numbers add/take/time/divide

Write formula in words

Metric System

Bar Charts of grouped data

Time whole numbers by 10 and 100

Substitution into word formulae

Draw common 2D shapes


Times 3 digit number by 1 digit number

Coordinates – positive numbers only

Draw common 3D shapes using iso paper


divide 3 digit number by 1 digit number

Read line graphs

Names of angles types

Pie Charts - read and interpret simple only

Round to nearest 10, 100, 1000 etc

Read conversion graphs

Angle notation (eg ABC)

Median - simple

Use approximations to see if an answer is right


Contruct a triangle given ASA or SAS

Mean - simple

Recognise and describe number patterns


Understand and recognise parallel lines

Probability of 1 event = P(A) - simple

Tests of divisibility


Construct parallel lines using protractor + ruler

Probability between 0 and 1 (inc prob. scale)

Factors and HCF


Perimeter of simple shapes

Reading Pie Charts

Multiples and LCM


Drawing nets

Prob outcomes of simple experiments

Square Numbers and cube numbers


Tesselations - drawing, identifying


Index Notation - Understanding


Areas by counting squares


Prime numbers


Reflections and mirror lines


Prime Factors




decimals +/- up to 2 dp (eg money)




Put decimals in order of size




Know common decimals




Recurring decimals - notation




Times 3 digit decimal by 1 digit




Divide 3 digit decimal by 1 digit number




Know common fractions




Simple fractions of




Simple % of




Convert between common dec/fractions/%




Time - calculations




Outcomes of products of odd/even numbers