Level 3 Topic List

Level 3 - Grade G



Shapes and Space

Data Handling





Place value in numbers up to 1000


Names of 2D shapes

Extract info from simple tables and lists

Decimals in money etc (2dp)


Names of 3D shapes

Draw Bar Charts

-ve numbers in temperature etc


Basic metric units

Draw Pictograms

Mental recall of add/take number facts up to 20


Group 2D and 3D shapes by their properties


Add/Take up to 3 digit numbers


Understand line symmetry


2, 3, 4, 5, 10  times tables and associated division


Basic common imperial units


Simple division inc remainders


Measure and draw line using ruler


Use simple fractions of a whole


Points of Compas


Recognise simple equivalent fractions


Use of pair of compasses to draw circles/arcs


Approximations to sums up to 1000


Use of protractor to measure


Odd/Even numbers


Use of protractor to draw


Understanding common % (50%, 25%, 10%, 1% etc)


Fractions of revolutions


Time - units


Angles and right angles