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I am a theoretical physicist, interested in quantum and classical systems. I tend to "hover" in the complex systems community, focusing on methods of statistical physics to nanoscale devices and complex systems.
 I am a staff member of the T4 group LANL (Condensed matter and Complex systems), but held until recently the
 JRO fellowship position at
 Los Alamos National Laboratory (CNLS). Before, between 2014-2017 I was a scientist at Invenia Labs. Between January and May 2019 I taught a course on statistical mechanics at UMass Boston. 
You can find here my detailed research interests.


I am part of the Advanced Network Science Initiative (ANSI), and still collaborate with Invenia Labs (Cambridge UK). 


  • Find a list of publications HERE (updated Oct 2019)
  • My Google Scholar profile is here
    arXiv is here and on inspirehep here
  • Here instead is my CV
  • I am Associate Editor for Frontiers in Interdisciplinary Physics and IEEE Transactions on NanoBioEngineeringHere is my review history on Publons.
  • Lately, I’ve been working on memristive circuits and neuromorphic computing. See here (with Zegarac, Eur. Phys. Lett. Perspectives) for a non-technical review of the topic, and here a review for non-practitioners with a focus on computation (with Carbajal, Technologies).



    Special Issue "Integrated Neuromorphic Computation, Neuromorphic Circuits and Artificial Associative Memories" for MDPI Brain Sciences

    see Link here



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    • Review paper on memristors A new review on memristor, written together with Juan Pablo Carbajal, is available here on the Engineering Arxiv. Check it out!
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