Crumtown in 1921

Spencer Needle.

Crumtown - July 28, 1921

The Finnish people came to live here in Crumtown a few years ago and already the whole road as far as South Danby is occupied by the Finnish people. All seem to be busy making this a better place to live in. For instance, many new silos are being built and the Finns have purchased three tractors, four or five binders and many other farm implements this summer. Last summer together they purchased a thresher, ensilage cutter, wood saw and power machine. They are now planning to build a meeting and dance hall which will be called the "Labor Temple." Next winter they will get the materials ready and will construct the building in the spring. A social towards raising the money for the "Temple" will be held at the farm of Swan Kerttu in the evening of August 13th. Lunch boxes, flowers, etc. will be sold and refreshments served. There will be some fine music and plenty of room for dancing. Everyone welcome. Don't forget the place and date.