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The Finger Lakes Finns was organized in 1968 in the Finnish-American community that was established beginning in 1910 in the south central Finger Lakes region of New York State, generally including the rural areas around Spencer, Van Etten, Newfield, Ithaca, Danby, Trumansburg, and Interlaken.

 Mission Statement:  The Finger Lakes Finns is organized to promote cultural and educational appreciation of Finnish heritage and customs, to provide a social setting for enjoying old and new friendships in the Finnish tradition, and to pursue charitable community activities.

 Financial Status:  The Finger Lakes Finns is a Federal tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization, so therefore contributions made to the organization are tax exempt to the fullest extent of the law. The Finger Lakes Finns' bank is the Tompkins Trust Company.                                                                                                         

Official address: Finger Lakes Finns, PO Box 72, Newfield, NY 14867

 Membership:  Membership in the Finger Lakes Finns shall consist of persons of Finnish descent, those married to persons of Finnish descent, and any other persons interested in the work and activities of the society. Membership is contingent on the paying of annual dues.

 Dues: are $10 per person per calendar year. Payment may be made at any time during the year, but covers membership only for the remainder of that calendar year. Membership year begins in January. Members joining during November or December extend membership for the next full year.

Send checks or money orders for membership payable to Finger Lakes Finns, to: 

    Finger Lakes Finns
    c/o Katrina Mackey

    PO Box 54, Jacksonville NY 14854-0054

 Donations: The Finger Lakes Finns welcomes and appreciates donations to help support  its activities and scholarships. They can be sent to our treasurer Katrina Mackey at the above address. Please indicate whether you would like your donation to go to the scholarship fund, general fund, or program fund. If you would like your donation to be made in memory or honor of someone, please let us know who that would be, and to which fund it should go. We will acknowledge your gift in our newsletters. We will not print the dollar amount of your gifts. If you wish your donation to be anonymous, let us know and we will not print your name.

 Meetings are open to anyone, regardless of membership. Meetings are held the third Sunday of every month, except August, usually at the Newfield Fire Hall. A dish to pass luncheon starts at 1pm followed by a business meeting, and a program.

 Activities and Events:  Besides the regular monthly meetings, the Finger Lakes Finns organizes special events for the general public such as concerts, dances, and lectures. In June the traditional Finnish celebration Juhannus (St. John's Day) is held with a picnic, entertainment, and a kokko (bonfire).

 Newsletter:  Four times a year, in Feb, May, August, and November, a newsletter is published and sent to all members. News of the organization is included as well as articles contributed by members.

Content can be sent to FLF Newsletter, c/o Shirley Barton, PO Box 184, Mecklenburg, NY  14863 (email:

 Scholarships:  High school seniors who are of Finnish heritage or who have an interest in Finnish culture, and are enrolled in a Central Finger Lakes school, are eligible to apply for a Finger Lakes Finns scholarship of $1,000. Application forms are sent out to high school guidance offices in the fall, and must be completed and returned the following May. Awards will be announced in June, and checks will be given out to the previous years winners at that time. Applications are also available for download at (under the photos heading). Questions can be addressed to

 2024 Officers:  President Michael Ludgate, Vice President Susan Rautine, Secretary Ristiina "Rusty" Wigg, and Treasurer/Registrar Katrina Mackey.

Officers are elected for one-year terms at the October annual meeting.

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