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I created this site in the last week of Aug 2009 because I had too many bits of paper lying about with info I had written on them . I needed to create a place to hold and collate them and get the info from inside my head onto a storage space . As the site grew I thought that some of the info might be helpful to other people so I decided to share it .This site is very much a work in progress and I will try my best to explain in a much simpler way how to do various tasks on Reliant 3 wheelers , mostly Robins & Rialtos but some info will apply to Regals , Kittens , Fox etc .  I hope to do that by the use of pictures , videos and the written word . If a section is a little sparse with info please revisit at a later date as I  might have obtained more info .
I would like to extend a special thank you to the knowledgeable members of the old R3W & Reliant World forums from whom I obtained a lot of info about Reliants .
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guide or solution to a problem .

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Do not try and copy anything you see on the links if you do not feel competent enough to decide if the advice given is good , bad or otherwise .
If you at all unsure about your own capabilities then
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I hope this site will be of use to someone and , if you liked this site , perhaps you will also like my other websites
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