Coach Buckland

I will watch with pride as you grow into a

'Weapon of Righteousness'.......

"A product of legends" .........

A certified nutritional consultant and personal trainer (IFPA and ACSM),

FEARS Ltds founder is a veteran of over 40 years in the martial arts

and the grandson of 'Hockey Hall of Famer' Frank Buckland.

Joe Shartrand Frank Gorman

Buckland began martial arts training as a student of

Masters Joe Shartrand and Frank Gorman in 1973.

George Mattson

Through his association with Uechi Ryu Karate pioneer, Grand Master George Mattson,

Buckland is mentored by the legendary fighter / trainers, 'The Three Animals of Uechi Ryu.'

Jim Maloney, Arthur Rabesa and Bob Bethoney.

Bob Bethoney Robb Buckland Jim Maloney Art Rabesa

As a young blackbelt Buckland was mentored by Grand Master Robert Campbell,

who in 2010 awarded Robb a Outstanding Achievement Award from Uechi Ryu Hong Kong.

Buckland is recognized as a Rokudan (master instructor) in Uechi Ryu Karate.

Buckland trained in Tri Harmony Gung Fu with Tan Dao founder, Master Lawrence Tan.

In an 'underground' Kung Fu world championship Bucklands' team fought and decisively won,

three weight divisions under the 'banner' 'Tans Dazzling Hands".


Robb began training with Kickboxing Legend / American Karate pioneer Grand Master Joe Lewis in 1984.

'The Greatest Karate Fighter of all Time'

Buckland is a 6th degree black belt in the Joe Lewis American Karate System (J.L.A.K.S.).

Buckland has been three times nominated for the coveted 'Gallantry Award'

by the Joe Lewis Fighting System (J.L.F.S.)

Gallantry Award 2013 Robb Buckland Mike Allen

The attributes of a warriors spirit: courage, honor, and 'heart' and to 'innovate not imitate'

are lessons he learned from sparring and training with his friend and mentor Joe Lewis.

Robb Buckland Joe Lewis

March 7, 1944 - August 31, 2012

Buckland trained with American Bando pioneer Dr. Maung Gyi,

A mentor to the worlds foremost martial artists, Dr Gyi brought kickboxing to the United States.

Dr. Maung Gyi Robb Buckland

GM Dennis Nackord is a 9th degree Blackbelt that studied American, Japanese,

Burmese and Okinawan martial arts.The principles of 'motion science' are a result of his teaching.

Buckland continues to train with GM Nackord who has recognized him as a 7th Dan (Shichi-dan).

"One must look for what's similar in styles to properly learn about movement"

-Gm Dennis Nackord-

Dennis Nackord Joe Lewis

After a brief introduction to 'the sweet science' by Michael Luftus,

Buckland trained at the Pittsfield Boxing Club with Billy Major and then Dicky Eklund

Dicky Eklund is the half brother / trainer of former WBU World Champion Mickey Ward.

The Fighter movie is based on these two brothers' fall and rise to the boxing title.

Robb Buckland Dicky Eklund

Robb is recognized as a 7th Dan (Shichi-dan) by

The American Independent Karate / Kickboxing Instructors Association.

(AIKIA), translated from Japanese language can mean

'Allegiance of Courage'

founded by

Bill 'Superfoot' Wallace Dr Jerry Beasley Joe Lewis.

As MMAs' popularity grew with the UFC, Buckland supplemented his Jujitsu training

with Judo Master Harry Chandler at his Dalton Judo Club.

This training led to training sessions with Olympic medalists Jimmy Pedro and Jason Morris.

Brazilian Ju Jitsu dominated the 'ground game' in the early UFC.

Buckland trained with Renzo Gracie at Joe Lewis' urging.

Renzo Gracie

In early 1990 Robb began his association with Soke Michael DePasquale Jr. &, Sr.

and holds a Blackbelt in the Yoshitsune Combat Jujitsu system.

He is recognized as a 7th Degree black belt (Shichi-dan)

by the International Federation of Jujitsuans.

Michael DePasquale Jr / O Sensei Micheal Depasquale Sr

(1925 - September 23, 2006)

Buckland was awarded the title of Kyoshi, which translates to 'teacher of teachers' .

Pictured below, the certificate is co-signed by Soke Michael DePasquale Jr,

O Sensei Michael DePasquale Sr, Dr Jerry Beasley, Bill 'Superfoot' Wallace & Bill Durso.

Dr. Jerry Beasley, Michael DePasquale Jr , Bill Durso, Bill "Superfoot" Wallace

Buckland has received the following awards from the International Federation of Jujitsuans (IFOJJ).

Samurai Lifetime Achievement Award

Samurai - Bushi Award for Continued Excellence

Shogun Grand Masters Award

Buckland was awarded the Silver Lifetime Achievement Award from Action Martial Arts Magazine

and three times nominated as a Ambassador of the Martial Arts, after Soke De Pasquales' recomendation.

Grand Master Joe Hess Soke Michael De Pasquale Jr.

Mentorship by Soke DePasquale and Grand Master Joe Hess led Buckland to numerous film,

television, and magazine appearances as well as advanced stunt and Ju Jitsu training at various

Action Film Academys & Action Film Stunt Schools.

With Joe Hess and former secret service / counter terrorist agent Bill Durso,

Buckland trained in behavior anticipation and bomb detachment.

Buckland is a Level 1, I.N.F. Defensive Tactics Instrucor

Kanbun Uechi

May 5, 1877 – November 25, 1948

According to Uechi Ryu Grand Masters Tomoyse, Guchi and Toyama;

Grand Master Kanbun Uechi once tought Kyusho with their kata.

It was later deemed to dangerous to use in the dojo and no longer taught.

Jim Corn Asa Seeley

To optomize his targeting and rediscover the original core attributes of Uechi Ryu

Buckland trains with Kyusho Master Asa Seeley and Grand Master James E Corn.

Jim Corn Jim Hulse

Kyusho is not a style but a targeting system.

This is the ethos of Kyusho Do.

- Jim Hulse "The Beast" -

40 years and 4 steps to China

8 th Dan Uechi Ryu

6 th Dan Kyusho Do

Action Film Academy

Mr. Buckland is a sought after seminar performer for the martial arts and action film industry.

Buckland has appeared in numerous television documentaries including;

The Discovery Channels Hollywoods' Greatest Stunts , Amp TVs' Extreme Stunts,

The Learning Channels' Martial Arts: The Real Story, A&Es' Mystical Origins Of The Martial Arts.

Extras' Action Film Academy, and The Travel Channels' Jingle Brawls.

Buckland has been the subject of feature stories on

Extra, FOX News and the CBS Evening News.

"Not that Guy"

Buckland is featured in the action films:

Red On The Blue, Bloodmoon, Miami Vice, Pirate Soul, Requiem for a Pit Fighter ,

Quan Yin, Not That Guy, The man who wasn't Tex Magru, and Anatomy of the Tide

"Anatomy of the Tide".

Anatomy of the Tide Writer / Producer Joel Strunk said,

"The Fight scene is AWESOME!

The Editor who cut The Karate Kid and The Crow edited our film.

Thanks for making Anatomy of the Tide even better, Robb."

Mr. Buckland served in the United States Army and in a security / exectutive protection capacity for performers.

Jo Dee Messina, Kevin Bacon, Joan Jett, Seigi Ozawa, Winton Marselles, Diamond Rio, Tony Hawk and others.

Buckland acted as 'Intercept team leader' at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino Resort in Florida,

where he engaged over 600 assailents without incurring ANY physical injury.

Robb Buckland / Mike Allen Robb Buckland / G.M. Joe Lewis