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Vermont Technical Colledge Tournament and Seminars

Randaulph Ctr. Vermont

April 2, 2016

Robb Buckland Seminar: Organizing Your Toolbox

What should I prioritize with the limited time I have to train?

A fighter’s attributes consist of speed, physical strength, conditioning, accuracy, rhythm and timing. These are mixed together with technique skills: offensive weapons, aggressive defense, pocket control, bridging the gap, setups, set point control, etc

All of these have to be appropriately exercised by an effective process of mental actions. In this session you’ll learn how to do all of this and much more.

Coach (Sensei) Robb Buckland holds Master level Blackbelts in multiple martial arts and is the founder of F.E.A.R.S. (Fear Enabled Accelerated Response System). The F.E.A.R.S. system is a close quarter personal defense method that utilizes the body’s natural reactions to fear or violence and then converts these reactions into tactical responses. The system is based on ‘autonomic responses’, so anybody can learn it and do it.

F.E.A.R.S. Blackbelts currently teach the United States Army hand to hand combat system referred to as M.A.C.P. (Modern army combatives program) and have received commendations from the Secretary of the Army and the Secretary of Defense.

Robb Buckland


Wisdom Way Martial Arts

Robb Buckland to Teach Karate Kidz & Adult Kickboxing

Monday, June 22, 2015


I am pleased to announce that martial arts legend, actor, professional stunt man, and Joe Lewis Black Belt Robb Buckland returns to Wisdom Way Martial Arts to teach our Karate Kidz and Adult Kickboxing classes on Monday, June 22nd.

Robb Buckland is my very best friend in the Joe Lewis Fighting Systems and one of my personal mentors. I have been training with Robb for more than 16 years. Robb is a 6th Degree Black Belt under Joe Lewis and holds a variety of black belts in other martial arts disciplines. He has taught at many of the world's finest martial arts camps, including Karate College, Martial Arts University, iCAT, and the annual JLFS Conference, among others. He is also co-founder of the FEARS Ltd. reality based martial arts system.

Many of our adult kickboxers know Robb well, as he often traveled all the way from Maine to Pelham - just for the day - to train with us at our semi-annual Joe Lewis seminars prior to Joe's passing in 2012. We have always valued Robb's support, and I would greatly appreciate your making every effort to attend class on Monday, June 22nd, to support my good friend and mentor, Robb Buckland. I guarantee it will be a great class!

To help offset Robb's travel costs and to compensate him for his time and vast knowledge, I am asking that Karate Kidz attending this special seminar contribute $10 and adults contribute $20, if you can afford to do so. Your support, as always, is greatly appreciated, and Robb is looking forward to training with everyone again!

This is an annual pilgrimage for Master Buckland to honor so many of his mentors !!

Quotes on Summerfest from Mr Mattson :

"The biggest problem students have is deciding which seminar to take...........

when all six sessions are ones that they want to be in."

" I make sure that key teachers will be there all three days,

and I've publicized them on the home page and in the forums.

The "big" guns like... Roy Bedard... Robb Buckland.... Fedele Cacia....Van Canna, Raffi Derderian.. Bill Glasheen...Jim Maloney & Bridget...Rory Miller... Art Rabesa & Darin Yee

These teachers have been attendance for more than 20 years....!

Taught By, Master Asa Seeley

This will be a 2 hour class working with the world renowned Kyusho International curriculum. This incredible organization was first started in this very school over 15 years ago, and has spread to well over 30 countries with over 300 instructors.

The techniques and methods taught in this class have been tried and tested by................

martial artists, law enforcement, military personnel, and doctors in real life situations.

What is effective is worked with, what is not is discarded. What is taught is from experience, not theory.

This class is ongoing once a month, held on the first Sunday of the month. You can come in and start at any time, and at any level. All ranks all styles are welcome, even novice are welcome.

This class will be on of the use of internal energy and pressure points for both healing and self defense applications. Any questions please feel free to contact me via FB or through private email... asa@asaseeley.com

Class will be 2 hours and is $30 for members of Kyusho International, $40 for non members.

American School Karate

565 Chickering Rd, North Andover, Massachusetts 01845

If you're interested in signing up to be a member of KI you can do so after the class.


Gorilla Fighting Tactics l

Predator / Prey

Mindset, the First Line of Defense

Primal Strength & Vital Conditioning

'The OODA Loop', Get inside your opponents decision making process

“This Approach Favors Agility over Raw Power in any Human Endeavor”

Footwork Preceeds Firepower

The Hallmark of all Great Fighters

'The Language of Movement' (N.L.P)

Neuro Linguistic Programming

'Changing Lanes'

How to achieve Maximum Impact Potential

The Rule of Three

3 rythms / 3 types of speed

Gorrila Fighting Tactics lll

Saturday March 31h 10 AM

Topics to include:

"Aggressive Defense" vs Blocking

"The Fluid Posture"

"Human Makiwara"

"Changing Lanes"

"Primal Strength & Vital Conditioning"

and more.....

Contact TOWNSNDLAW@aol.com

3 hours - cost $30


Seacoast Fitness

952 Old Post Rd. Wells, Maine


7 to 9 pm Wednesday April 4th

$25. cost

.Come train with us

"Pound for Pound The Best Workout on the Planet"

all fitness levels welcome !!!