Physical Training

Predators thrive on FEAR…they watch for weakness and vulnerability

…they know you will hesitate.

Predators are acutely aware you are hardwired to 'react' rather than 'respond'.

Master your FEARS….. 'train your brain'

Use FEAR as a catalyst to establishing your.......'territorial dominion'.

Build the confidence to react decisively, assert the authority of YOUR will with 'violence of action' before you become a victim.

FEARS LTD. is based on success.

Founded in response to unrealistic training methodologies

presented by most martial arts,

our training enhances the tactical efficacy of your core attributes regardless of style or experience.

It empowers you with confidence in your abilities to Master any situation.

FEARS LTD. Who is it for?

Our Specialists offer programs for those with no experience to advanced levels, Women's Self Defense, Business Travelers.

Military, Law Enforcement and security professionals. Seminars available for Instructors and their Students.