Primal Fitness Kickboxing

Robb Buckland helped to introduce KickBox FitnessTM to Club Core of America,

with World Karate/kickboxing Champion Joe Lewis;

along with trainers John Maynard,Trey Watt and Randy Ballard.

KickBox FitnessTM classes achieve all three components of the 'fitness triad'.

Flexibility, cardio respiratory and muscular fitness are enhanced

by using weighted gloves and various bags during 10-12 3 minute rounds .

Crossfit and H.I.I.T. (high intensity interval training) were revolutionized in 2007 by

Martial Arts Hall of Famer and Master trainer Charlie Lysak and MSG Michael Cutone.

The Crawl Workouttm

is 830 reps, no breaks, no rest,

just constant physical exertion.

Team Fearless has combined the best of both to create........

Classes consists of a 9 minute warm up and active stretch.

10 / 3 minute rounds of boxing, kickboxing, using heavy & double end bags.

Normally reserved for recovery, the 60 second interval between rounds is used for

50 repititions of plyometric, ballistic and dynamic dumbell lifts.

Pound for pound the best workout on the planet !

If you want a muscle sculpting, fat torching, sweat drenching total body transformation

With Primal Fitness Kickboxingtm it takes only 40 minutes a day 3 days a week.

Primal Fitness Kickboxingtm classes are adaptable to all fitness levels.

University of Georgia researchers found that Primal Fitness Kickboxings'

calorie crushing workouts 'induced vigorous metabolic and cardiovascular responses'.

Primal Fitness Kickboxingtm burns the caloric eqivalent of boxing an opponent for 30 straight minutes

or an all out sprint workout.

Auburn State University studies found that Primal Fitness Kickboxingtm style workouts are

a high intensity metabolic workout and burn an incredible 16 calories per minute.

30 day satisfaction guarantee or your old body back !

Tim Holden:

On july 1st 1998 I weighed 235 pounds. My bodyfat was 25.7%. I was miserable.

I've been in and out of the gym for 4 or 5 years thinking I was accomplishing something.

Then I met Robb Buckland. Robb is the best thing that happened to me and my training.

Within 12 weeks Robb had me down to 210 pounds and 12.4% bodyfat. I feel great !!!

I gained 11 pounds of lean muscle body mass and I can see my abs for the first time ever.

Quitting is not in Robb's vocabulary and he got it out of mine !! Your a blessing Robb, Thanks !!

Tony Dale:

As an actor and a CBS news meteorologist I have spent 50 years with numerous coaches and trainers.

I've always been an athlete and thought I was fit but never quite felt I was living up to my full potential.

Robb introduced me to KickBox Fitness training and I discovered the key to achieving my full potential.

Robb's are the hardest workouts I've ever loved. I've not only met and surpassed my fitness goals while

learning an invaluable skill set that could save my life or protect my loved ones. Robb gave 'the key' to me.

Robb Buckland is the best trainer, coach and fitness authority I've ever had the good fortune to work with.

Elisabeth Brown:

I started KickBox Fitness training on June 11th I weighed 170 pounds and my bodyfat percentage was 35.25%.

On September 25th I tipped the scales at 130 pounds !! I lost 44.5 pounds. It wasn't easy but Robb was relentless.

My bodyfat is now 15.36 % ! I love my new body. thanks Robb for believing when I didn't and not giving up on me !

John Wells

I have been struggling with my weight all my life.

Then I met Robb Buckland. Robb had a different approach to training, KickBox Fitness.

I lost more than 60 pounds in three months.

KickBox Fitness was the solution to my lifelong problem.

This training was the driving force in my physical transformation.

I used to think before and after pictures were fake.................. now I'm in one !!