Core Attributes

F.E.A.R.S. Ltd

'Fear Enabled Accelerated Response System'

Sanchin Kata : "Three Battles" (Uechi Ryu)

The Chinese / Uechi-Ryu version use open hands while other Okinawan / Japanese versions use closed fists.

Sanchin in Uechi Ryu is considered more of a combination of "hard" and "soft"

In the Uechi Ryu form of Sanchin all muscles are tensed most of the time;

a brief softness is for the muscles to make explosive movements,

while the rest of body remains tense to protect vital organs, and weak spots in the body.

The toes "grip" the floor creating a rooted stance, while the pelvis remains tilted upward.

The narrow foot position in Sanchin balances stability in two directions (front and side)

The turned-in position of the front knee and the bent back knee help protect the groin from kicks.

The legs protect the body from sweep kicks; the thighs are to trap low kicks.

To perform Sanchin breathing (ibuki breathing), inhalation and exhalation are performed in unison

with the movements as in powerlifting 'exhale upon exertion'.

Seisan Kata : "Thirteen modes of attack and defense" (Uechi Ryu)

In Mandarin Chinese, the name translates into Thirteen and is the second of the three core katas.

Sanchin embodied more the Crane style of combat, Seisan is more of the Tiger.

The hand weapons, delivery and intent is aimed for Deeper Tissue destruction

with strength, seizing and tearing functions throughout.

The greater use of the Iron Claw Hand (Tiger Claw), Iron Bone Hand (Bushiken),

Blood Pool Hand (Hiraken) deeper penetration into the Vital Points is clearly evident.

Sanseiryu Kata : "Thirty six modes of Attack and Defense" (Uechi Ryu)

In Mandarin Chinese, the name translates to thirty-six, Sanseiryu is the third core Kata in Uechi Ryu.

Sanseiryu is commonly refered to as the Dragon Kata.

During the Ming Dynasty Feng Yiquan (1522-67), developed the method

of using variations of 36 forbidden points to defeat his opponents.

The systematic method and understanding of certain grouping of vital acupressure points

is this science that the martial arts was based upon and developed.

Dan Kumite : (Uechi Ryu)

Iron Shirt: 'Kotegitae' "Human Makiwara" ( Uechi Ryu / Bando / Kyusho / DePasquale Jujitsu)


A form of hard style martial art exercise for protecting the human body from impacts in a fight.

This is one of the 72 arts of the Shaolin Temple.

A correctly trained body can withstand more damage than one that is untrained.

Iron Shirt is a series of exercises causes the body's natural energy to reinforce its structural strength.

Directing energy to parts of the body can reinforce these parts of the body to take blows against them.

This type of conditioning is refered to as 'forging' in Burmese Boxing (Bando).

To Forge: to form by heating and hammering; beat into shape. (Websters' Dictionary)

Sanchin / Seisan / Sanseiryu Bunkai (classical/kyusho) (Uechi Ryu / Kyusho / DePasquale Jujitsu)

Precision targeting is a cornerstone in all martial arts study.

Kyusho allows us to see the many targets and consequent dysfunctions of the human body.

Without guise, pressure points present themselves; strike one and another appears.

Is this not the essence of kata ?

In this explanation of Uechi kata the focus is on the Nerve strikes and the more dangerous Blood strikes .

To include Vital points, Methods of attack and joint manipulations / grappling maneuvers ('Tuite').

These applications do not require strength, speed, size and can be used in a real encounter.

9 Ways of Attack (Combination kicking) (J.L.A.K.S. / Superfoot)

Slide up Side kick - side kick

Slide up Side kick - round kick

Slide up Side kick - hook kick

Spinning back kick

(acts as transition movement from orthadox to southpaw [repeat opposite side] )

Slide up round kick - side kick

Slide up round kick - round kick

Slide up round kick - hook kick

Spinning back kick

Slide up hook kick - side kick

Slide up hook kick - round kick

Slide up hook kick - hook kick

Spinning back kick

Joe Lewis' 5 Angles of Attacks (J.L.A.K.S./ Jeet Kune Do)

1) Direct Angular Attack

2) Indirect Angular Attack

3) Combination Angular Attack

4) Immobilization Angular Attack

5) Broken Rythum Angular Attack

JOE LEWIS Combat Sequences ( 'Fighting Forms' / mitt drills ) (J.L.F.S.)

'Bennie Briscoe'

'Short Punch'

'The 38'

"The Shotgun"

'Sharkbait' (self defense) (DePasquale Jujitsu / Kyusho / Uechi Ryu)

11 Minutes: ( Uechi Ryu / J.L.A.K.S. / J.L.F.S. / Superfoot )

3 / 3 minute rounds (Eastern rules) Kickboxing