Whether you are in Business, Education or Physical Training the FEARS Ltd. group can provide you with presentations and integrated consultation to meet your needs!

FEARS Ltd. instructional specialists provide a wide variety of Personal Empowerment, Physical Training and Staff Development seminars.

The team of instructors will align their goals of engagement and presentation with your needs as an organization.

FEARS LTD. is based on success.

Founded in response to unrealistic, antiquated training methodologies

of most personal development and team building programs, the FEARS Ltd. group enhances the efficacy of your core attributes

regardless of organization. The team empowers you and your staff with confidence to master any situation.

FEARS LTD. Who are these programs for?

Instructional specialists offer programs for individuals and groups, from those just starting out to those with high levels of experience. We will tailor our consultation and training to your needs as an individual or staff.

Our Team has worked directly with:

  • Public and Private Schools
  • Students, Teachers and Administrators
  • Collegiate Sports Organizations and Athletes
  • Sororities/Fraternities
  • Businesses and Travelers
  • Military Branches
  • Law Enforcement
  • Security Professionals
  • Black Belt martial arts instructors and their Students