Installing updates to The EON Storage Appliance

These steps guide how to update The EON ZFS Storage appliance. These steps differ from a version upgrade.

Pre-Requisite(s): EON Install (All commands are run as user "root" unless otherwise specfied)
NOTE: Make a backup if you added any customizations to any of the files listed for update by the "rail" package.

These steps are performed after installing EON version 0.60, 1.0B. Let's begin by updating to the latest version of rail to start the update. The command below assumes you had a prior version of rail installed. Networking has to be configured and working. (/etc/resolv.conf, /etc/nsswitch.conf)
rail install rail
if rail is not installed, then follow this sequence of commands.
cd /mnt/eon0/bin
./slinky r
./slinky c
cd /bin
wget -O rail
chmod 755 rail

If rail is already installed/updated(steps above). The embedded updates can then be installed individually. It can also be installed in one command. Shown in the next step.
rail install
rail install setup
rail install
rail install emp

update-embed.eon: Updates the following files with the current versions. The date in the filename is the package/release date /usr/local/.store/update-embedded-012013.eon.
To install the update-embed.eon updates:
rail install update-embed

update-mnt.eon: Updates the following files with the current versions.
To install the update-mnt.eon updates:
rail install update-mnt

update-slinky.eon: Updates the portable, temporary binaries in /mnt/eon0/bin/* with the current versions. To install the update-slinky.eon update(s):
rail install update-slinky

update-binkit.eon updates the binary kit with current versions. (coming soon!). To install the update-binkit.eon update(s):
rail install update-binkit

bashrc: updates the command line environment for the EON Storage Appliance /etc/.bash_profile. To install this update:
rail install bashrc

Remember to run to preserve your update-embed, bashrc updates. (update-mnt.eon, update-slinky.eon are saved to the USB drive and do not require /mnt/eon0/boot/x86.eon

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