Installing Sick Beard PVR

Installing Sick Beard PVR for newsgroups:
written by EON Mar 10, 2012 (Estimated Time: 5 mins)

This guide shows how to add the Sickbeard (python based) PVR for newsgroups to your EON ZFS Server.

Pre-requisite(s): The Binary Kit must be installed.
                         A newsgroup provider and a source for .nzb files.

This assumes Internet connectivity is working and the pre-requisites have been installed. Let's install Sickbeard PVR for newsgroups. Start by downloading the latest source. The bitly link is kept updated to the latest version of Sickbeard periodically. If it is lagging or you wish to try a beta nightly you can download the source directly from Sickbeard home. 
cd /tmp
wget -U mozilla -O sickbeard.tar.gz --no-check-certificate

Let's unpack and move the directory to the proper location. The name "midgetspy-Sick-Beard-xxxxxx" will vary per version.
gzip -dc sickbeard.tar.gz | gtar -xf -
mv midgetspy-Sick-Beard-911f5d1 /usr/local/sickbeard

Let's correct auto processing by editing /usr/local/sickbeard/autoProcessTV/, change

Sickbeard is now installed and can be started and stopped using "emp". Then, browse to your EON IP "http://EON_IP:8081"
emp sickbeard start
emp sickbeard stop