Installing Perl

Installing Perl 5.10.0:
written by EON April 01, 2012 (Estimated Time: 5 mins)

These steps will guide installing Perl 5.10.0 on EON 1.0 and higher. The Binary Kit is not required install Perl.

Let's set the temporary links for wget and md5 since the Binary Kit is not yet downloaded. If the Binary Kit is already installed, then skip these steps.
cd /mnt/eon0/bin
./slinky wget
wget -q -U mozilla -O slinky
wget -q -U mozilla -O md5sum
wget -q -U mozilla -O /usr/bin/rail
chmod 755 md5sum slinky /bin/rail
./slinky md5
rail install emp

Let's install Perl.
rail install perl 
 install perl ...
 success: /usr/local/.store
 download ok: /usr/local/.store/perl-5.10.0.tgz
 found local /usr/local/.store/perl-5.10.0.tgz
 (md5 pass: dee21512ca9c9a1f0b55a08b1491e077)
 installing: /usr/local/.store/perl-5.10.0.tgz ... done

Let's reset the temporary links to production values
cd /mnt/eon0/bin
./slinky r
./slinky perl
Programs like kstat, psrinfo, lgrpinfo should now have full functionality. To test:
kstat -m cpu_info
psrinfo -v
perl -v