Installing a MySQL Database Server

Installing a MySQL Database:
written by EON Mar 08, 2012 (Estimated Time: 10 mins)

This guide shows how to add a 32 or 64-bit MySQL database to your EON ZFS Server.

Pre-requisite(s): The Binary Kit must be installed.

These steps will require a browser and ssh session to simplify copy and paste. Browse to MySQL downloads. Select "Sun Solaris" from the drop down list.

Select the 32 or 64 bit
"TAR Archive" version that matches your requirements by clicking download. Then click "ยป No thanks, just take me to the downloads!".

Right click on a suitable "HTTP" download location and choose "Copy Link Location". In the ssh session on your EON ZFS Storage, enter and paste back the URL saved by "Copy Link Location". Your wget line should look the same except for the http portion.
cd /tmp
wget -O mysql.tar.gz ''

After mysql is finished downloading. Let's unpack it.
This install will use approximately 1GB of space.
gzip -dc mysql.tar.gz | tar -xf -

The step above unpacks to a destination of the form mysql-version-solaris10-i386. The version in this case is 5.5.21, so the destination we are looking to move looks like (mysql-5.5.21-solaris10-i386). Let's fix the name for a more generic destination, "mysql".
mv mysql-5.5.21-solaris10-i386 /usr/local/mysql

Fetch the post setup and account configuration script. Then run "./post-mysql.setup" to configure the final bits.
cd /tmp
-U mozilla -O post-msyql.setup
chmod 755 post-mysql.setup

If all went well, you can start and stop your MySQL database server, using "emp".
emp mysql start
emp mysql stop