Installing PHP

Installing PHP 5.3.9:
written by EON May 11, 2012 (Estimated Time: 5 mins)

These steps will guide installing PHP 5.3.9 on EON 1.0 and higher.

Pre-requisite(s): The Binary Kit must be installed.
                          PHP is a pre-requisite for Apache

Let's install PHP. That's it.
rail install php
 install php ...
 download ok: /usr/local/.store/php-5.3.9.tgz
 found local /usr/local/.store/php-5.3.9.tgz
 (md5 pass: 3fdb43253e9d138e5d1a8e3e74b69a4a)
 installing: /usr/local/.store/php-5.3.9.tgz ... done