Installing The Binary Kit:

Installing The Binary Kit:
written by EON Mar 07, 2012 (Estimated Time: 5 mins)

[Deprecated] - replaced by pkgsrc/pkgin binary kit.
The binary kit facilitates adding applications and extending the functionality of your EON ZFS Storage. The steps below shows how to install the binary kit and allows adding other applications. The binary kit is a pre-requisite for the following applications:

Apache - Apache Web server (Install Guide)
Lighttpd - Light Web server
Nginx - Nginx Web server
Netatalk/afp - Apple filing Protocol server
Bind/DNS - Bind DNS server (commercial version)
Postfix - Postfix mail server (commercial version)
MySQL - Database server
Java - Java
PHP - PHP scripting Language
Perl - Perl programming language (Does not require the binary kit)
Python - Python programming language (Does not require the binary kit)
Node - Node javascript runtime
APCupsd - APC UPS Daemon (will be uploaded soon)

The binary kit defaults to being stored on your zpool. This is configured in /mnt/eon0/.exec via the line "export POOL=zpool_name". Replace "abyss" with your zpool name. Note: The binary kit
 can be stored on the USB key but I recommend against it, as the binary kit includes many applications which are write intensive and will decrease the reliability of the USB drive.
export POOL=abyss

Next, create the binary kit destination. There are 2 options to do this. One option is a simply creating a directory on your zpool. I recommend this option for simplicity.
mkdir /zpool_name/local

The second option, is to create the destination "local" as a zfs dataset. This allows advantages like, snapshots(version-ing), compression, rollback, cloning, sharing and all the other possibilities that can be done with a ZFS filesystem.
zfs create -o casesensitivity=mixed zpool_name/local

Now let's download the remote package installer "rail". After these downloads, "rail" can and should be used to update itself and all other software to the latest versions. To install the binary kit we need "wget" to download the package from the internet and "md5sum" to validate proper download. The "./slinky" commands configure the temporary requirements until the binary kit is installed.
cd /mnt/eon0/bin
./slinky wget
wget -q -U mozilla -O slinky
wget -q -U mozilla -O md5sum
wget -q -U mozilla -O /usr/bin/rail
chmod 755 md5sum slinky /bin/rail

./slinky md5

Now that the temporary per-requisites are in place. Let's install the binary kit. This may take a few seconds to download (depends on internet link speed)
rail install binkit
 install binkit ...
 found local /usr/local/.store/binkit-prod-021212.tgz
 (md5 pass: 092e5ecf915767fbc2aae5638c4ad6c5)
 installing: /usr/local/.store/binkit-prod-021212.tgz ... done
You now now have access to S.M.A.R.T smartctl, top, powertop, scanpci, curl, wget, many more programs in /usr/local/bin and /usr/local/sbin.

Let's also install "emp" as it is used to start and stop many programs on your EON ZFS Storage applance.
rail install emp

Let's reset the temporary requirements as they are no longer needed, since the binary kit is now installed. These are useful to keep around in case you wish to wipe and re-install the binary kit and more.
cd /mnt/eon0/bin
./slinky r
./slinky perl