The official syllabus in U of L format can be found here. What follows is a simplified version.

Course Description. This course provides an introduction to organizational network analysis. Students will learn how to execute and interpret an organizational network analysis, as well think theoretically about management from a network perspective. The course is hands-on -- students will learn the nuts and bolts of how to execute an organizational network analysis.

Learning Objectives. Upon completion of the course, the student should be able to (a) execute, interpret and act on an organizational network analysis, and (b) view organizational phenomena – innovation, power, staffing, etc. -- from a network perspective

Grading Scheme. There are three deliverables for the course:

Class participation (20%). One of the principal benefits of taking an EMBA course is learning from the experience of others. You will be expected to regularly share relevant experiences and observations with the class, as well as discuss the readings.

Homework assignments (30%). The homework assignments are mostly hands-on exercises using the software to analyze the data. They are designed to give you the skills you would need to do a network analysis within your organization. They will also prepare you for the final exam.

Final Exam (50%). This is the main deliverable of the course. It is a comprehensive exam that tests your understanding of network concepts and theory, and also tests your ability to conduct a network analysis on real data in real time. It is vital that you practice using the software throughout the semester in order to become proficient enough to execute the analyses in the exam.

Schedule. The schedule can be found on the Schedule page. The URL is shown below. Important note: the schedule is subject to change during the term. It is your responsibility to check the schedule online before each class.

University Policies. For university policies concerning holidays, disabilities, weather, emergencies, appropriate student conduct, and the like, please consult the official syllabus.