Social Capital

Today's class is about social capital, which we can think of as the advantage provided by social ties.

Required readings

    • Heidi Roizen (Harvard case, in your packet)

    • Video interview with Heidi [mp4]

    • Burt (2000) "The Network Structure of Social Capital" Research in Organizational Behavior [pdf]

      • long article; try to pull out the important themes

    • Uzzi, B., 1996. The sources and consequences of embeddedness for the economic performance of organizations: The network effect. American Sociological Review, pp.674-683. [pdf]

      • just read the first half, up to pg 683.

Homework (due before this class)


  • 2 social capital.pptx

Of possible interest (optional)

Suggested for future reference

    • Baker, W. E. (2000). Networking smart: How to build relationships for personal and organizational success. iUniverse, Incorporated.

Last years slides (simply a resource)