1 Introduction

Introduction to the course, and introduction to the field of organizational network analysis. We discuss what networks are, why we care, and define some basic concepts of network analysis. After that, we focus on learning the UCINET software to visualize and analyze network data.


    • Borgatti, S.P., Mehra, A., Brass, D. and Labianca, G. (2009). “Network Analysis in the Social Sciences.” Science. Vol. 323. no. 5916, Feb 13, pp. 892 – 895'' [pre-pub version]

      • skim

    • Uzzi, B., 1996. The sources and consequences of embeddedness for the economic performance of organizations: The network effect. American sociological review, pp.674-683. [pdf]

      • just read the first half, up to pg 683.

  • Krackhardt and Hanson (1993) “Informal Networks: The Company Behind the Chart”. Harvard Business Review. [pdf]


    • Prior to the first class, you should download and install UCINET on to your computer. After you have done that, run through this exercise to make sure things are working ok.

    • It is not necessary to pay for or register the program -- the downloaded version runs for 60 days without needing to be registered. But in class I will also give you a registration code that will allow you to use the program in the future, free of charge.


    • Introduction to social networks.pdf (2016)


  • Borgatti, S.P. and Foster, P. 2003. The network paradigm in organizational research: A review and typology. Journal of Management. 29(6): 991-1013 [pdf]

Last year's slides (just a resource)

    • Introduction.pdf (2015)