Wrap-up and Final Exam

For the first hour, we will go over the course, highlighting key concepts and discussing how you might use organizational network analysis in the future. One point we will make is that network analysis concepts can be used without doing a formal network analysis.

The remainder of the time will be reserved for the final exam. The exam covers network concepts and theory and will also require you to demonstrate basic proficiency with analyzing network data. To get an idea of what to expect on the exam, take a look at this sample exam. Most of the exam will be group/team-based and will be open-book. However, there will be a portion that will be individual-based and should be completed without consultations with others. This part is a take-home exam and is available now. Get it here. It is due Saturday at 12:30pm, along with the rest of the exam. All parts of the test will be completed electronically, including the in-class portion.

An unusual feature of this test is to be developmental: it should teach at the same time that it tests.

You may find this dictionary of network concepts useful. In addition, you might the following set of UCINET tutorials useful. They were written by Andrew Parker for managers.


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