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Cane Tips

If you are going to use your cane for walking you are going to need some kind of tip.  The following are some options for cane tips.

Rubber Tip
The simplest answer it to go to the local hardware store and look for a rubber chair tip that will fit your cane.

Veritas Stainless-Steel Cane & Staff Tips
Another option is to buy and install a Veritas tip.  They are available from Lee Valley.

Copper Tips
Canemaster will install copper tips on their canes.  When I asked them if they would sell them so I could install them on my cane they said they didn't sell them sparately but they were 7/8" to 3/4" copper reducer which is available at most hardware or plumbing supply stores.  I used a 1" to 3/4" copper reducer and a 7/8 rubber tip.  Total cost under $5.  One disadvantage to the copper is that it will tarnish and needs to be polished.

Brass Ferrule Tip w/Rubber End for 1" Walking Sticks
Bill on the Canefighting Yahoo Group recommends these from eBay.
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