Costs, Daily Schedules, Programs & What to Bring

Welcome Teachers!

We are excited to have a webpage this year where you can find all the information you need about your field trip to the Living Coast. No more paper documents! :) You will not be sent any other registration information since everything you need should be found here.  However, please do not hesitate to email or call me if you have any questions. Karen Quiros, or  (619) 476-7836.  I am excited to provide you and your students with a exceptional learning experience!

Coastal Education Programs Offered

How to Register my Class(es) Online
Visit and login.  Your login is your school name with the first letter capitalized.  Please click here to get help with the online registration procedure.

Before Your Field Trip 

1. Arrange Your Transportation
  • Reserve your Bus(es)!  New system this year.  Click  here to check the estimated cost for your school site.  Prices range from $80- $140 depending on distance from center.   Link to CVESD Transportation Webpage
  • If you are not using a CVESD bus, please contact Karen Quiros. or (619) 476-7836
    • Day Tripper (MTS), $1.50/participant All Day Use of Public Transportation (Must Pre-Arrange!)
    • Parent Drivers
  • Please note: the Living Coast shuttle starts running at 9:50am and arriving at 10:00am. Parents and Chaperones arriving by personal car, MUST PARK IN THE LIVING COAST LOT AND WAIT FOR THE SHUTTLE! NO EXCEPTIONS! If your program starts at 9:30am, it is up to the school to arrange for the school bus to escort the parents in after dropping off students OR chaperones just have to wait until the Living Coast shuttle picks them up at 9:50am.
2. Make sure all teachers in your team have the link to this webpage so they can access the information they need.
3. Click on your program link listed to the left to get all of your specific program information.
4. Prepare your students with resources provided on your specific program page to ensure their optimal learning.
5. Collect money and permission slips. CVESD District Board Field Trip Policies

Admission and Program Costs
  • $4/student, $12/adult (teachers and one-on-one aides are free). Paid to the Living Coast Discovery Center, cash, check, charge or P.O accepted. No coupons, Living Coast Memberships, Groupons, or any other discounts are accepted for school group trips.  Normal admission prices are $11/student, $16/adults without a program so this is a deal!
  • 38 students max per group!  (Three K-3rd classes/day or one-two 4th-8th class/day)
  • CHARTER SCHOOL FEE: $2/student extra paid to CVESD

Program Structure:

While on a study trip your students will participate in a standards-based lesson and be led on a tour of the facility where they will get to have up-close encounters with animals and even touch a sting ray or shark. Students will most likely also get to do a scavenger hunt and explore the refuge trails depending on which program is chosen.  Please click on your specific program to get your detailed schedule of your day.

Free Transportation Provided by the Port of San Diego (Requirements)
If you have won free transportation, please click on the link to learn more about the requirements and get your necessary paperwork. Port Free Transportation Information Link 

What to Bring
We want to help you and your students to be prepared mentally and physically for your trip! 
        • Click here to see a very physically Prepared Student
        • Click here to view the Museum Manners for Students and Chaperones at the Living Coast
        • Please use the link to your specific program, located to the left, to prepare your students mentally and learn how to best split your class(es) into groups before you arrive.
  • Admission/ Program costs: $3/student, $10/adult (teachers are free)
  • Helpful Chaperones
    • We usually recommend that you bring 2-3 chaperones with you, but you know your students and chaperones best so it is completely up to you to decide your total number. Please bring at least one chaperone with you.
  • Lunch (if applicable)

No-Waste Picnic
Make your lunch here Eco- friendly! Add these fliers into your field trip packet that you send home with your students and encourage them to bring reusable items instead of consumables!

     Frequently Asked Questions

How many chaperones can I bring? 
We leave the answer to this question up to each teacher. We feel like you know your class best and the right number of chaperones to bring. Each chaperone has to pay the $12 but teachers are free. We encourage you to bring at least 2-3 other adults with your group but we do ask that the chaperones do not bring siblings. We want the chaperones to be able to have their full attention on your students and the program.

There are two ways to have your chaperones pay. (1) You can collect their money and pay for them along with your students when you arrive. (or 2) You may also have them pay for themselves. If you choose this option, we ask that you bring all the adults that need to pay with you when you pay for your students. This really is important as it is very difficult for our front desk staff to have to track down who has and has not paid from each group. You will receive a wristband for all paid chaperones. They must wear this to participate in the program with their students.
Please note: Chaperones arriving by personal car must wait in the Living Coast lot until the shuttle or school bus picks them up!
What is the schedule for the day?
Lower Grade Classes
  • If you are coming with one or two other classes you will need to be in 2 groups for the entire day. Half of the time you will be doing the Standards based lesson with Tour and the other half of the time you will be on your own with your students. 
  • A detailed schedule of your day is available on the website where you get your other free transportation paperwork. 
  • “On Your Own Activities”: You will get to pick 3 of the following 4 activities to do with your students when you are on your own: Scavenger Hunt inside the museum, Trail Hike, Read Aloud, Lunch
  • Preschool/T-K & Kindergarten: 1.5 hour program, 3 hour day for more than one class
    • Group A: Program first, On your own activities second
    • Group B: On your own activities first, Program second
  • 1st – 3rd: 2 hour program, 4 hour day for more than one class
    • Group A: Program first, On your own activities second
    • Group B: On your own activities first, Program second
Upper Grade Classes
Your students will be here for a 4 hour program. They will have about 25 minutes for lunch between their morning and afternoon lessons and activities. All classes will have a 2 - part lesson, a Docent Tour, a Scavenger Hunt and time for lunch.

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