About MSTI

California is projected to need upwards of 33,000 new mathematics and science teachers in the next ten years. The demand for credentialed teachers in these fields is significantly higher than the supply of fully qualified candidates. As a consequence, large numbers of students in California are taught math and science by teachers who are not credentialed in those fields. Access to qualified math and science teachers is associated with improved achievement, and ensuring that all students have fully credentialed teachers is critical to closing the achievement gap in these critical subjects.

The California State University (CSU), the state’s largest producer of math and science teachers, has responded to this challenge with a commitment to double its annual production of credentialed teachers in math and science over a five-year period. CSU committed to increasing the number of qualified teachers in these fields from a baseline of 750 to approximately 1,500 by 2010 and has achieved this significant goal, preparing more than 1,500 teachers in both 2010 and 2011. It is especially noteworthy that a rigorous value-added study demonstrates that urban secondary students who are taught mathematics by new teachers who received their credential from a CSU campus learn significantly more math than comparable students taught by math teachers who were not prepared by CSU.

CSU Northridge serves many of the LAUSD local districts as well as sixteen contiguous school districts which are within proximity to the campus. Responding to the critical need for well-prepared teachers in the region, CSUN has developed a two-year Junior option for the current undergraduate students integrated within the Math Credential Program.

For those who have already obtained a bachelor’s degree, CSUN offers a one-year accelerated, full-time program through the ACT (Accelerated Collaborative Teacher) pathway.  The University also offers traditional credential programs, including an intern program.

Preparation workshops for both the math and science CSET exams are offered to prospective single subject credential candidates to ensure passage of the exam, resulting in admission to the credential program. CSET preparation books are distributed to participants in these workshops.

In order to simplify the financial process, CSU Northridge has prepared advisement sessions and has specified the steps needed to ensure that candidates are both aware of and have access to grants, scholarships, and loan cancellation programs that are available to math and science teaching candidates, including the state Assumption Program of Loans for Education (APLE) and NSF Noyce Scholarships.

Why become a Science Teacher? Why CSUN?