Masters in Science Education

The Master's degree in Secondary Science Education prepares secondary science teachers to become science teaching specialists, science curriculum coordinators, student teacher supervisors, science department chairpersons, and doctoral students. School districts generally award salary increases to teachers holding master’s degrees, and master’s degrees are required for part-time teaching at the community college or university level. 

In Fall 2018, CSUN will form its eighth Science Education Master's cohort designed specifically for secondary science teachers.  We invite you to apply for this program, which leads to a Master's in Secondary Science Education.

Program Features

  • Curriculum designed for secondary science teachers
  • Classes are taken as a cohort 
  • Guaranteed enrollment in program classes
  • Two-year program; one night per week (Wed. 4-7, 7-10)
  • Emphasis on both theory and practice
  • Innovative techniques and activities in science education
  • Application of latest technologies in the teaching of science
  • Action research to improve teaching in the classroom 
  • Collaboration with colleagues to improve teaching
  • Additional opportunities for professional development
  • Interested?  Submit online  interest survey if you have not already done so.

Application Process - Application Deadline for Cohort IX, starting Fall 2020:  June 30, 2020!)

  1. Submit online application to the Department of Secondary Education
  2. Submit application to the University
  3. Submit two letters of recommendation to: Please ask them to put "Recommendation for ______" in the subject line. 

Program (Cohort VIII starts Fall Semester, 2018)

Fall 2018
SED 616 Computer Supported Collaborative Science
SED 625SC Theory & Research in the Teaching of Science 
Spring 2019
SED 656 Computers in Science Teaching 
SED 600 Research in Secondary Science Education
Fall 2019
SED 690 SC Advanced Research in Science Education 
SED 676 Advanced Laboratory Curriculum Development 
Spring 2020
SED 610 Issues in Science and Technology Ed.
SED 697 Directed Studies in Science Education


All courses are 3 units.  An additional 6 units are required for completion of the 30-unit MA Degree.  If you completed your credential within the past five years, you may be able to apply up to 6 units of credential coursework as elective credit.  If you are unable to transfer units from previous coursework, you may take courses during summer or regular sessions to complete this requirement.   Once admitted, the graduate advisor will review other possible courses you can take for your electives.

Applications to the university require a bachelors degree with an undergraduate GPA over 3.0 or a passing GRE score. Unfortunately the university does not take grades from credential classes into account. Students whose GPA is between 2.5 and 3.0 may be admitted conditionally. They must submit a passing GRE score by the end of the first year (50% on at least one of the three tests of the general GRE - content specific GRE tests are not required). For information on taking the general GRE exam visit  The cost is approximately $2600/semester.  Please see the financial aid & scholarship department for information on scholarships.

 Congratulations Masters of Science Education Cohort VII!  May, 2018